Our Aim

Our aim as General Legal Practitioners is to provide prompt, efficient and reasonably priced help in solving a wide range of legal problems including work in the following areas:

  • Buying and selling properties: vacant land, homes, hobby farms, rural properties, investment properties, business and industrial properties, etc;
  • Buying and selling of businesses;
  • Preparing Wills and Trust Deeds;
  • Acting for executors in administering Wills (both where Probate must be obtained and where it need not be) and in administering Estates where there is no Will;
  • Leasing of properties;
  • Divorces, child maintenance, custody and access to children and property settlements;
  • Motor vehicle accident claims and worker’s compensation claims;
  • Police charges;
  • Compensation to victims of criminal offences;
  • Civil litigation including recovery of debts and contract disputes;
  • Advice about a large variety of other matters such as the special laws affecting primary producers
  • Children and Young Persons Care and Protection matters in the Childrens’ Court
  • Family Provision Claims

We aim to help our clients to achieve their objectives as quickly, cheaply, and effectively as possible.